Dedicated marketing team without high expenses
We help to attract customers

So you are launching a new or expanding your existing online business. And you do have the landing page to send potential customers to.

We can help you!

Just tell us what type of customers you want, and we deliver them in the most effective way. To achieve this we use pay per click (PPC) advertising as one of the most effective channels to attract customers online. Think about us as your own digital marketing team which works for your business.

Why ManagedAds

We are in digital advertising for 7 years already. During this time we have:

  • launched 1500+ ppc-advertising campaigns
  • tested 3000+ different ads
  • launched 1000+ A/B tests
  • increased monthly advertising budgets for our customers from $0 to $300 000+
1500+Campaigns launched
3000+Ads Tested
1000+A/B Tests Launched
$0 — $300 000Advertising Budget Growth
How we increase Return On Investment (ROI)
Sophisticated Campaigns Creation

At first we create the campaigns to turn visitors into customers in the most effective way.

ROI Tracking

We track ROI on a day-to-day basis and take appropriate actions to improve advertising campaigns. To reach the peak performance we manage campaigns in 3 dimensions:

  • bid management
  • ads management
  • keyword management
Budget Redistribution

We redistribute budgets between different advertising platforms.

For example your desirable cost of 1 conversion is $50. We have discovered that the cost of conversion is twice as high in AdWords than in Clicksor.

So we redistribute your advertising budget to Clicksor and you start to receive cheaper conversions.

Conversion Rate Optimization

We launch A/B tests to increase the conversion rate of your landing page.

This is a crucial part of our growth strategy. Our experiments with your landing page allows us to decrease the cost of customer attraction and increase the number of conversions at the same time.

Actionable Insights

We send you the recommendations on how to increase ROI.

For example if we have found a more effective headline for your landing page, we will send this insight to you.

Digital Marketing Automatization

We have also invented the advertising automation algorithms.

They helps us to manage a large number of active campaigns. On average we are able to reduce customer acquisition costs by 30-40%.

How to startIt is easy to launch an advertising campaign with ManagedAds.
stepStep 1Specify the type of customers you would like to receive.
stepStep 2Give us the URL of your landing page.
stepStep 3Open access to your advertising account with some advertising budget.
Right now we do create campaigns only in AdWords. But we are planning to add Bing, Clicksor and other effective advertising platforms soon.
Pay only for number of visitors, received from online advertising campaigns we manage.We recalculate number of paid visits each month. If this month you got fewer paid clicks – you pay less as well.
$49per month
Up to 2000visitors from managed advertising campaignsGood for testing new landing pages
Up to 10A/B tests with ads
UnlimitedBid management operations
$149per month
Up to 5000visitors from managed advertising campaignsBest for managing mid-sized campaigns
Up to 20A/B tests with ads
UnlimitedBid management operations
$249per month
Unlimitedvisitors from managed advertising campaignsPerfect for generation sustainable traffic
Up to 30A/B tests with ads
UnlimitedBid management operations